Fuller Coaching

Fuller Coaching

Executive Career Strategies

We partner with leaders to develop an agile and strategic approach to steer through expected and unexpected role and job changes as well as proactively plan the steps to an ideal role. We can take advantage of a stable role to plan leadership development strategies linked to current success and future expanded leadership roles. We can create options and fall back plans. Optionally we can conduct a private 360-reference checking program to help us understand what potential hiring managers will hear and avoid any blind spots in our strategies. Experience has shown that past stakeholders give amazingly honest direct feedback when they know it’s in the form of a confidential 360 with the input pooled from 5-10 people specially chosen by the individual leader.

Some areas for executive career strategies include:

  • Criteria for ideal roles now and in the future
  • Self-assessments for strengths and development areas for your ideal role
  • Scenario planning for options for next role
  • Scenario planning for future 3 year, 5 year, longer term strategic visions of ideal roles
  • Transition roles to achieve ideal future roles we are not prepared for today
  • Executive Leadership Development strategies to develop the skills needed for each of the key scenarios for ideal roles.

Program phases could be 3-4 session initial planning sessions to develop a plan you can work yourself. Or we could develop a 3- 6 month program, or flexible ongoing monthly strategy discussion that works for you.

Time to Take Action ?

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