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Fuller Coaching

Individual Executive Coaching

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Some leaders feel it’s the right choice to take control and develop their own leadership effectiveness to the next level, even if the company doesn’t have the resources to invest in them right now. Individual executives often ask us to work with them to help develop the strategies to achieve their key professional objectives. The executive and coach work together confidentially to develop the strategy and action plans to achieve key objectives uniquely tailored to the individual situation.

We define goals, any roadblocks and then roadmaps for integrated personal and professional success and satisfaction. Leaders may be dealing with changing roles and organizational structures or even conflicts within teams and stakeholder groups. Executive coaching with these real-life cases can be a tremendous asset for the leader to see the situation clearly and create powerful scenarios for action.

Every leader can benefit from taking charge of an informed, personalized leadership development plan. Like a personal trainer or ski instructor who tailors coaching to the individual to develop expert skills, a coach can help a leader evaluate and develop the priority skills needed to achieve key objectives.

What are your Objectives?

To create the strongest development plans, we have found it valuable to look at short and long term objectives – what are the individual satisfiers and motivators and how might those change over the next 3, 5, even 10 years? We draft a set of scenarios and options that could best achieve those objectives, while balancing the practical necessities of a leader’s life. We can utilize whatever difficult situations arise as practice for leadership development and create solutions for next level success.

Sample Coaching Topics include:

  • Develop Your Own Strategic Career Talents (see more information in Executive Career Strategies section of the website)
  • Manage an Upline/Peer Difficult Situation as a Learning ‘Case’
  • Find your Blind Spots: Soliciting and Hearing Feedback to Define & Develop Your Most Important Leadership Skill
  • Survive and Prosper When ‘I Can’t Leave Now’ by Using Your Current Role as a Tool for Development
  • Create an Executive Resilience Plan.

Time to Take Action ?

If any of these areas are priorities for you, let’s have a conversation about how we might partner to achieve your key objectives. Contact Jean Fuller via Email or 650-366-2800.