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Every leader needs a growth approach. Business drivers may demand new skill sets and mindsets for your own leadership approach. Your own criteria for an ideal role might have changed some, or significantly, from the past. And future success may not come from approaches that have worked well in the past.

To support ongoing growth and change, our coaching approach is integral – combining personal and professional criteria into an integrated plan. We can combine 1:1 confidential coaching discussions with initial leadership assessments, and goal setting to help you achieve tactical objectives and future goals. Working together we pull it all together in a plan with ‘just enough’ structure to be practical and helpful for you to make the progress you want. This can be tailored to corporate executive coaching programs or individual private executive coaching programs.

Programs elements can include individual leadership assessments with online assessment tools, optional 360 interviews, and interpersonal human dynamics strategies (who doesn’t get along and what should we do about that), communication effectiveness and career strategies. Often crucial, demanding decisions and tough conversations are part of a leader’s life. We work as partners in helping you evaluate scenarios for decision making and drafting strategies for tough conversations and continuing engagement to achieve your goals.

For Corporate Programs we work together with the executive sponsor, leader and other resource groups such as Human Relations business partners to craft the right level of program and preparation steps. Prior to the coaching program, we might define the key skills unique to the leader’s current role in combination with corporate values, and then conduct interviews to best prepare for the executive coaching program. An initial 360 set of interviews is recommended and, if conducted, there will be a significant report of feedback (20-40+ pages) depending on number of interviewees).

Each Corporate client is encouraged to continue to align coaching program objectives with any changing business directions and share appropriate information with up line management about ongoing progress, but the specific content of the coaching sessions will be confidential to the leader and coach. There will be checkpoints set in the middle of the program, and a report at the end of the coaching program jointly developed by  the leader and coach summarizing progress and results achieved. At the end of the program, an ongoing development plan will be suggested, incorporating options and resources. All coaching will be focused on instilling a self-correcting and self-generating approach for current leadership growth and future challenges.

Especially for career coaching programs, we have found it important to think about individual goals that create a short term and long term guiding objective – what are the individual satisfiers and motivators and how might those change over the next 3, 5, even 10 years? We work toward drafting a set of scenarios and options that could best achieve those goals, while balancing the practical necessities of a leader’s life. Then the leader and coach develop an action plan together that can powerfully link motivation and new goals. That engagement sets the base for ‘thinking big’ and also the appropriate dose of reality feedback along the way.

Based on the best style for the individual, coaching approaches can be more leader-directed or coach directed with program action plans and significant assignments between sessions. The leader can choose mostly in-session work, phone/video checkpoints, and in-depth case work with role plays. The coach and individual executive tailor the plan to the outcomes and metrics of success that are realistic.

My mission is to help you and your teams achieve success and create a path that opens up an even brighter future, professionally and personally. Let’s have a conversation about how we might work together to help you reach your peak!

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